Mobile Apps


The world’s most advanced chess platform for iOS and Android.


A tile-matching puzzle game for iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Surprise Me!

Several casual games in one app. Under development.

Magic Defense

A 2D side scroller game. Under development.

Pocket Village

An isometric game ported from iOS to Android. The prototype was created using LibGDX and the Artemis Entity Framework.

Pocket OTP

An easy to use stream cypher app. It encrypts and decrypts texts using One Time Pad encryption.


Broadcast live and watch live video on your phone or tablet – anytime, anywhere!

Ustream Viewer Library

A library that enables premium partners to create mobile apps with the ability to discover and play live and recorded videos using Ustream’s backend services.

Ustream P2P Videophone

Low latency videophone app for your Android device. Similar to Skype. (Sadly, it was never released.)

Ustream Broadcaster

Ustream Broadcaster allows you to streamĀ liveĀ video from your phone.

Ustream Viewer

Ustream Viewer enables you to watch live and recorded videos anywhere on your phone.